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How work ready am I?

Do you know what EMPLOYERS mean by being ‘work ready’?

We are dedicated to activating growth and accelerating global careers

We understand the challenges of employers and graduates. Competition for jobs and internships is intensifying. Demand for full-time jobs far exceeds the opportunities available. Employers are focused on hiring work ready graduates who ‘hit the ground running’ in helping to achieve organisational growth.

What Employers Want

Economies, sectors and business models are constantly changing and being disrupted, requiring organisations to be agile, innovative and relationship driven.

Most employers, whether in commercial, not-for-profit or government organisations, say they don’t necessarily need you to have job specific experience (though that would be beneficial). They will train you up for the job.

What they really need is for you to come with proven work ready skills and experience, particularly the entrepreneurial, professional, technical, personal skills and mindset that allows you to immediately contribute to the organisation’s journey.

Your Work Readiness

Working online, in international collaborations, and across disciplines, borders and cultures are now the new normal in the work environment.

You need the extra edge that can apply your technical knowledge to producing value for the organisation – for example, skills in innovation, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, digital literacy and cross-cultural competency.

Work readiness skills and mindsets are critical and 100% transferable between jobs wherever you are located.

Complete the My Work Readiness Checklist to find out your work readiness strengths and weaknesses, and what you need to improve to launch, accelerate and achieve your career ambitions.

About Guru Advantage

What’s special about Guru Advantage is that we’ve ‘flipped’ traditional work experience and internships on its head by working across disciplines, cultures and borders.

Our learners work on real projects, for growth organisations, in international teams – and with International experts (our gurus) to coach you along the way, it’s easier to be competitive.

Unlike traditional work experience and professional development programs, you don’t work alone but as part of a dynamic international team, with leadership and responsibility for delivering impact on a real project for your host. And our dedicated, international experts are there to guide you as you complete your professional immersion online, across the globe.

Our expert coaching in entrepreneurial, professional, technical, personal skills and mindset gives you a leading edge in the job market. The program allows you to develop and demonstrate your global credentials.

We’d love to talk with you about becoming a learner with Guru Advantage, boosting your employability and mobility and facing your career with confidence. Visit us at to register your interest or contact us at

Your Checklist Assessment

To give you an understanding of your work readiness, the My Work Readiness Checklist consists of 5 sections:

  • Your Details
  • Qualifications
  • Career Preparation
  • Skills Development
  • Work Experience

For simplicity, all questions are equally weighted with scores for each question ranging from 0 (minimum) to 4 (maximum)

Having an overall score of your work readiness based on your responses gives you greater clarity and understanding about the areas for improvement to boost your career confidence and employability and mobility.

My Work Readiness Checklist

    Your Details


    1. Highest level of education (completed or currently studying)

    For example, High School Certificate, Diploma, University Undergraduate Degree, University Postgraduate Degree, TVET Certificate, etc

    2. Year completed or likely to complete

    3. My career focus area

    For example, career area could be Business, Law, Engineering, Digital Technology, Government, Health, Agriculture, Mining, Films, Tourism, etc

    Career Preparation

    Select 1 option that best describes your Career Preparation

    1. I have a clear career strategy or plan

    2. My CV is current and demonstrates my experience and achievements

    3. My social media presence is appropriate and targeted

    4. I have strong interviewing skills

    5. I have confident networking skills

    Skills Development

    For each question, select 1 option that best describes your Skills Development

    1. Problem Solving and Creativity Skills

    I have the ability to find solutions to issues by assessing circumstances, analysing information, identifying possible solutions including development of new/innovative ideas, and determining the right approach and solution based on desired outcome.

    2. Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills

    I have the ability to work cooperatively with others and collaboratively in teams, sharing responsibility, knowledge and learning, and managing one’s behaviour including conflict with others while working towards a common goal.

    3. Communication and Listening Skills

    I have the ability to express ideas to inform, instruct or persuade others using oral, written, non-verbal and digital techniques with professional etiquette, and listen accurately to receive and interpret messages in the communication process.

    4. Information and Digital Skills

    I have the ability to collect and review data to identify trends, test assumptions, develop strategies and answer questions using digital technologies.

    5. Professionalism and Productivity Skills

    I have the ability to act with accountability, integrity and ethical behaviour, and maintain effective work habits that produce high quality results and project a professional presence.

    6. Diversity and Intercultural Skills

    I have the ability to respect, interact and learn from others with different backgrounds (eg. disciplines, cultures, races, ages, genders) and work cooperatively and collaboratively in diverse teams with openness and sensitivity.

    7. Leadership and Management Skills

    I have the ability to leverage the strengths, influence the behaviours and manage the activities of others to achieve common goals with empathy and positive attitude.

    Work Experience

    Select 1 option which best reflects your Work Experience

    1. I have worked and communicated in teams with people from different backgrounds (disciplines, cultures and/or countries)

    2. I have taken responsibility for tasks and/or projects and their outcomes

    3. I have analysed data and used digital technology to understand and solve problems

    4. I have applied knowledge of the business environment and how organisations work to manage situations and achieve good results

    5. I have led teams and/or projects

    6. I have worked remotely (online)

    7. I have worked internationally (in or across other countries)

    8. I have technical experience in my chosen career industry/sector

    Please complete all fields before submitting